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Subject: Introducing JSOP

Hi All,

it has been quite a while now since we started tossing around the idea
of a more standardized mechanism to interact with a browser. This is
applicable to applications beyond the content management area. As much
as we leverage AtomPub and SOAP for our two bindings of CMIS the
browser-bindings brought it again to my attention that there is no
specification to base our work on.

After years of conversations with many interested parties on this
subject Julian and I decided to start the conversation on the IETF

We hope that the work that would be done on JSOP could be an
inspiration or could even some of the basic infrastructure used
underneath the browser bindings of CMIS in a similar fashion that SOAP
or AtomPub was used for the other bindings.

Of course you are cordially invited to comment and contribute to the
mailing list.


David Nuescheler
Chief Technology Officer
mailto: david.nuescheler@day.com

web:  http://www.day.com/ http://dev.day.com
twitter: @davidnuescheler

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