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Subject: CMIS Marketing Group Meeting Minutes: 19 June 2012

Attending: Carol Geyer (OASIS), Jane Harnad (OASIS), Betsy Fanning
(AIIM), Karsten Eberding, Jay Brown (IBM), David Choy

1) Results of Interop Demo Venue Poll (2012)

Jane Harnad reported that the poll results were split between three US

  - Gartner Symposium ITxpo, Orlando, FL, USA, 21-25 Oct
  - Microsoft SharePoint Conference, Las Vegas, NV, USA, 12-15 Nov
  - Gilbane Conference, Boston, MA, USA, 27-29 Nov

Members did not indicate support for any of the European events.
David Choy confirmed that an interop makes more sense than a simple
product showcase.

AI: Jane to contact organizers of the three US conferences, and
present options to the Marketing Group and the TC.

2)  Product directory

Betsy Fanning explained that AIIM assembled a CMIS Product Guide in
2011. The Guide also contained a few educational articles on CMIS.
AIIM provided the Guide to members and posted a pdf for download
(minimal fee). AIIM feels it might be time to do an update of the
guide, now that vendors have had time to implement CMIS.

AI: Betsy to coordinate with Karsten to ensure they have a unified
version of what's available. AIIM will also send each vendor a form
for creating/editing their company's entry.

Karsten Eberding described his CMIS Solutions online guide, which has
a focus on searchable categories and repositories. Karsten encourages
all vendors to create and update their own listings directly online.
Feedback on the format is welcome via email to

3) "We Support CMIS" badging

Group discussed creating badge for trade shows, web sites, etc. that
declares a company's or person's support for CMIS. The badge would
incorporate the existing CMIS logo.

AI: Carol Geyer to provide some sample mock-ups for the group to review.

4) CMIS Book

Jay Brown notified us that the book contract has been signed with
three authors from the TC. The publisher will release an "in-progress"
version in Sept timeframe, so people will be able to provide input to
authors. The final book should be published in May-June 2013,
hopefully around the time the 1.1 spec is out of public review. Group
discussed how to promote the book in conjunction with the interops.

Next meeting: 17 July 2012,  15:00 UTC

Carol Geyer
Senior Director of Communications and Development

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