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Subject: Success Stories

For the Success Stories, would it make sense to create a template, or
outline instructions, or a series of questions...just so we end up
with a consistent format and level of detail?

Perhaps we could post a form online for people to fill out.


On Tue, Apr 17, 2012 at 6:03 PM, Karsten Eberding <karsten@eberding.eu> wrote:
> Hello,
> it was agreed in the CMIS TC call yesterday that I forward the following
> proposals for promotional activities to the CMIS Marketing list. Please
> let me know if you are interested to participate.
> A) Success Stories Booklet
> ================
> Create a collection of success stories, from customers or partners who
> have successfully implemented CMIS. Individual success stories would
> need to come from vendors, I would collect them and combine them into an
> appropriate format.
> Target audience are interested customers and partners who want to see
> how CMIS impacts the market and creates benefits for all participants.
> The final document should be available for free download from OASIS, as
> well as interested TC members.
> B) Participation in ECM events and conferences
> =============================
> For the upcoming DMS Expo in October in Stuttgart, Germany, we can
> organize a "CMIS booth", allowing live demos and presentations of
> various application / repository combinations from participating
> vendors. This would be relatively low cost (as many vendors share the
> booth), and could create a lot of visibility for CMIS. If successful,
> this could be repeated in other countries (eg AIIM conference and similar)
> This is a regional event in Germany. Please let me know a your local
> contact if this should be organized by someone based in Germany who is
> not on this list.
> Further details should be agreed within the group of participants, as
> soon as a reasonable number of vendors is interested to participate.
> thanks
> --
> Karsten Eberding
> St.-Martin-Str. 19
> 85604 Zorneding
> Phone +49 171 3090201
> Mail karsten@eberding.eu
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