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Subject: RE: [cmis-mktg] Proposal for CMIS Educational / Promotional Activities

Hi Everyone,

We would very much like to help organize a CMIS demonstration at the next
DMS event this coming fall. The DMS event has been on our internal event
list and we have already reached out to them.  It would be great to find out
how many companies might be interested in participating, so (if possible)
please toss me a quick email confirming your interest. More specific details
from the organizers will follow shortly. Thanks so much, Jane

Jane Harnad
OASIS, Manager of Events

-----Original Message-----
From: Karsten Eberding [mailto:karsten@eberding.eu] 
Sent: Tuesday, April 17, 2012 6:04 PM
To: cmis-mktg@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: [cmis-mktg] Proposal for CMIS Educational / Promotional Activities


it was agreed in the CMIS TC call yesterday that I forward the following
proposals for promotional activities to the CMIS Marketing list. Please let
me know if you are interested to participate.

A) Success Stories Booklet

Create a collection of success stories, from customers or partners who have
successfully implemented CMIS. Individual success stories would need to come
from vendors, I would collect them and combine them into an appropriate
Target audience are interested customers and partners who want to see how
CMIS impacts the market and creates benefits for all participants.
The final document should be available for free download from OASIS, as well
as interested TC members.

B) Participation in ECM events and conferences =============================
For the upcoming DMS Expo in October in Stuttgart, Germany, we can organize
a "CMIS booth", allowing live demos and presentations of various application
/ repository combinations from participating vendors. This would be
relatively low cost (as many vendors share the booth), and could create a
lot of visibility for CMIS. If successful, this could be repeated in other
countries (eg AIIM conference and similar)

This is a regional event in Germany. Please let me know a your local contact
if this should be organized by someone based in Germany who is not on this

Further details should be agreed within the group of participants, as soon
as a reasonable number of vendors is interested to participate.


Karsten Eberding

St.-Martin-Str. 19
85604 Zorneding

Phone +49 171 3090201
Mail karsten@eberding.eu

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