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Subject: Re: [cmis] Scope of Hierarchical Properties

David Nuescheler wrote:
> ...
> (2) Persisting and Querying XMP [1]
> Since many modern file formats (PDF, JPEG, ...) support XMP data
> upon ingestion the XMP information could (probably should)
> be extracted by a repository (or any thirdparty CMIS app).
> This should be done in a fashion that allows for query of the respective
> information, since of course XMP holds a wide variety of potentially
> very useful information.
> ...

But XMP is just a packaging format for RDF, right?

That being said, I'm totally interested in finding a way to map RDF 
from/to CMIS/JCR/WebDAV.

However, as far as I can tell, this is not a problem of structured 
properties (after all, only a set of name/value pairs is needed), but 
one of property naming (CMIS doesn't use namespaces they way RDF, JCR, 
and WebDAV do).

BR, Julian

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