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Subject: RE: Official Open CMIS PlugFest Invitation April 29-30 in Basel, Switzerland

Hi David,
Thanks a lot for the invitation. Paul Goetz an I will attend from SAP.

Best Regards,

-----Original Message-----
From: David Nuescheler [mailto:david@day.com] 
Sent: Sonntag, 5. April 2009 12:59
To: cmis@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: [LIKELY JUNK][cmis] Official Open CMIS PlugFest Invitation April 29-30 in Basel, Switzerland

Dear TC Members,

Please find below the "Official" invitation to the frequently disussed
CMIS Plug Fest
at the Day offices in Basel, Switzerland in April.

We would like to invite all  CMIS TC members and other interested parties to
an open PlugFest at our Offices in Basel Switzerland. ( http://is.gd/qPs0 )

April 29-2009
9-17h Setup and Connectivity Setup, Smoke Tests
19h-  CMIS Dinner

April 30-2009
9-16h Actual Testing and compliance reporting
16h-17h Wrap-up, Next steps

We will provide wireless access to the Internet and we will also
have inbound HTTP access through a reverse proxy ready for people
to do remote testing to our servers.

For people who would like to check in remotely, we will use the following
webex conference.

---< CMIS Plugfest >----------------------------------------------------------
Monday, April 29, 2009, 9h00 CET, 03:00 am EST, 12:00 am PST
Meeting Number: 709 533 911 (Password: day)
Dial-in:  USA  +1 (718) 354 1382
More Dial-in numbers:

For planning purposes it would be great if you could let me know (either on
this list or directly) by the beginning of next week if you plan to
attend and if
you have any further questions please feel free to ask.


Please find below Roy Fielding's famous: "Visitor's Guide to Basel"

From Roy's Original "Visitor's Guide to Basel"

Here is some information on Basel that I put together for another


Languages: primarily Swiss Deutsch, most residents also speak
   French, almost all shops speak English and Italian as well.

   Swiss Franc: 1 CHF ~ 0.90 USD ~ 0.65 EUR ~ 0.60 GBP
   (most markets and tram ticket machines accept euros)

Swiss Trains:
   <http://www.sbb.ch/>               (Deutsch)
   <http://www.rail.ch/index_e.htm>   (English)

Basel Buses and Trams:

Flying in to Zürich (ZRH) <http://www.zurich-airport.com/>

Zürich Flughafen is Switzerland's largest airport and has the most
direct flights from elsewhere in the world.  It also has the advantage
of having a Swiss Railway (SBB) terminal in the basement. To get to
the trains, exit customs and look for the signs saying "Bahn" or "SBB"
(usually red signs with white lettering).  They direct you to an
escalator that goes down to a walkway under the street to the adjacent
parking garage/shopping mall.  The mall's bottom floor are the tracks,
the middle floor has ATMs, ticket purchasing machines, and tourist info,
and the top floor has a bunch of shops, including a Migros supermarket
that is the best place to buy water and snacks for the trip home.

The trains from Zürich Flughafen to Basel SBB take about 70 minutes
to get to the center of Basel, costing 35 CHF each way for 2nd class.
There are two trains, one direct IR train to Basel SBB that leaves
at 04 minutes past the hour, and another train at 43 minutes past
the hour that goes to Zürich Hauptbahnhof (HB), where you switch
trains to a fast ICN/ICE train to Basel SBB.  I usually take the
direct train just to avoid having to drag my stuff around Zürich HB,
though both end up taking about the same clock time.

I usually exit customs, walk towards the Bahn/Shopping Mall middle
floor, find an ATM, buy a train ticket to Basel SBB at one of the red
ticket kiosks (multilingual touch screen interface that accepts credit
cards and CHF/Euro cash), then up the escalator to Migros to get some
water and tea to help recover from the flight, and finally back down
the escalator, find the numbered escalator for the train to Basel,
down its escalator to the track itself, look at the platform signs
above my head to be sure I'm standing in the right place, and then
hopefully get on the right 2nd-class non-smoking coach. YMMV.

Flying in to Basel/Mulhouse (BSL/MLH)

Basel/Mulhouse (BSL/MLH) -- really one set of runways and terminals
with separate Switzerland or France customs doors to go through after
picking up your bags -- is actually located in France with a 2km
Swiss road connecting it to Basel Nord.  It is a small airport that
occasionally gets cheap commuter flights from other parts of Europe.
The main problem with BSL/MLH is that the taxi ride to the city center
is expensive (58 CHF), though there is also a reliable and cheap bus
that is just as fast (10-15 minutes).

The airport information desk outside customs has a small green booklet
that is the bus timetable (also on the tram website above), and there
are LED signs at the bus stop (just outside and to the right) that
indicate when the next bus will depart to Basel SBB.  Be sure that
you have coins (CHF or Euro) before leaving the terminal, since the
bus/tram ticket kiosks are old mechanical gizmos that don't accept
paper money or credit cards. Bus tickets from the airport are about
3.60 CHF or 2+ Euro and are also good on the connecting buses/trams
inside Basel SBB for about 2 hours (8 CHF / 5.40 EUR for a day pass).

Basel Train Stations (Basel SBB and Basel Bad Bahnhof)

Basel SBB is the central station where most trains terminate.
Basel Badischer is on the northeast side of Basel and is shared
with DB (German Rail).  Both are connected with the rest of Basel
through a network of trams and buses.

At Basel SBB, an elevated mall (Rail City) crosses above all of
the tracks -- when exiting a train, go up the escalator and turn
right if you want to head into the city center, or left if you
are staying somewhere in the Gundeldingen quarter (mostly apartments).
There are ATMs from several banks inside the station and also
outside across from the main (NE) entrance.  The shops inside and
around the train station are open longer hours and Sundays, unlike
the rest of Basel which still has controlled shopping hours.

Meeting at the Day office in Barfüsserplatz


    Day Software AG
    Barfüsserplatz 6
    4001 Basel

    T +41-61-226 98 98
    F +41-61-226 98 97

Barfüsserplatz is in the main city center of Basel and the mid-point
of most tram lines.  It is also within walking distance of most of
the city.  When you arrive, look south (towards the open square) for
the Day office building (logos are on the top floor facing the trams)
next to Barfüsserkirche (now a museum of city/music history).
Go through the square and enter the building on the left at what
looks like the entrance to a piano bar.  Make a right turn in the
hallway, left through the glass door, and take the elevator up to
the floor where you are meeting [David will fill in these details

Basel Lodging
(some of these links only show hotels by one owner)

I haven't had much experience with Basel hotels, since I usually
stay in a furnished apartment house in Gundeldingen.  If you stay
in a Basel hotel they will give you a free tram/bus card for the
length of your stay.

The one hotel that I have stayed at is the Hotel St. Gotthard,
which is located right across the street from Basel SBB's main
entrance but protected from the noise.  No Internet at that time,
though now it is listed as a wireless hotspot.  It was very clean
and comfortable, and included breakfast.  The Hilton is on the same
block and appears to be highly rated, though I have no experience


I think the closest hotels to the office are the Radisson SAS
and Hotel Basel <http://www.hotel-basel.ch/index_en.html>.
Most of the tourist hotels are on the riverfront, on either
the near side or the far side of the Rhine and the conference
center (Kleine Basel).  It is a lot more convenient to stay
near the city center or Basel SBB rather than near the
conference center.

Visit: http://dev.day.com/

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