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Subject: Feedback requested - http://tools.oasis-open.org/issues/browse/CMIS-65

Issue 65 was accepted to include a non-normative section on use cases we see for the restful binding. The original goal of the restful binding is to provide a quick and easy way to build applications primarily on the glass with java, .net or javascript.

Since then, we have CMIS Spaces, Lotus widgets, .NET client, JSP apps, among others. I'd like the TC's help to provide use cases on that we want to include in that section.

Once I have a writeup, I will post to the group.

Thanks, -Al

Al Brown
Emerging Standards and Industry Frameworks
CMIS: https://w3.tap.ibm.com/w3ki07/display/ECMCMIS/Home
Industry Frameworks: https://w3.tap.ibm.com/w3ki07/display/ECMIF/Home

Office 714 327 3453
Mobile 714 263 6441
Email albertcbrown@us.ibm.com
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