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Subject: RE: [cmis] Official Open CMIS PlugFest Invitation April 29-30 in Basel, Switzerland

Hi all,

seems that we get a couple of implementations together.. That's great to see!

However I am still confused about the 0.5 vs. 0.6 spec. It seems that everyone(?) is currently migrating to the 0.6 spec. So I assume that we use the 0.6 draft as recommended base for testing (with 0.6b being the relevant schema files).

However as I understood from the AIIM web site those interop demos were based on 0.5...

So if anyone feels the need to use 0.5 as base for testing please respond here...


-----Original Message-----
From: Florent Guillaume [mailto:fg@nuxeo.com] 
Sent: Dienstag, 7. April 2009 16:28
To: David Nuescheler
Cc: cmis@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: Re: [cmis] Official Open CMIS PlugFest Invitation April 29-30 in Basel, Switzerland


I'll be attending for Nuxeo.

Thanks for organizing this,

On 5 Apr 2009, at 12:58, David Nuescheler wrote:

> Dear TC Members,
> Please find below the "Official" invitation to the frequently disussed
> CMIS Plug Fest
> at the Day offices in Basel, Switzerland in April.
> We would like to invite all  CMIS TC members and other interested  
> parties to
> an open PlugFest at our Offices in Basel Switzerland. ( http://is.gd/qPs0 
>  )
> Agenda:
> ---
> April 29-2009
> 9-17h Setup and Connectivity Setup, Smoke Tests
> 19h-  CMIS Dinner
> April 30-2009
> 9-16h Actual Testing and compliance reporting
> 16h-17h Wrap-up, Next steps
> ---
> We will provide wireless access to the Internet and we will also
> have inbound HTTP access through a reverse proxy ready for people
> to do remote testing to our servers.
> For people who would like to check in remotely, we will use the  
> following
> webex conference.
> ---< CMIS Plugfest  
> >----------------------------------------------------------
> Monday, April 29, 2009, 9h00 CET, 03:00 am EST, 12:00 am PST
> Meeting Number: 709 533 911 (Password: day)
> https://day.webex.com/day/j.php?ED=119801362&UID=0&PW=50b835524b&RT=MiMyMg%3D%3D
> Dial-in:  USA  +1 (718) 354 1382
> More Dial-in numbers:
> https://day.webex.com/day/globalcallin.php?serviceType=MC&ED=110021337&tollFree=1
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> For planning purposes it would be great if you could let me know  
> (either on
> this list or directly) by the beginning of next week if you plan to
> attend and if
> you have any further questions please feel free to ask.
> regards,
> david
> Please find below Roy Fielding's famous: "Visitor's Guide to Basel"
> ---------------
> From Roy's Original "Visitor's Guide to Basel"
> Here is some information on Basel that I put together for another
> meeting.
>   <http://www.basel.ch/?nav=106&lang=en>
>   <http://www.mybasel.ch/>
> Languages: primarily Swiss Deutsch, most residents also speak
>   French, almost all shops speak English and Italian as well.
> Money:
>   Swiss Franc: 1 CHF ~ 0.90 USD ~ 0.65 EUR ~ 0.60 GBP
>   (most markets and tram ticket machines accept euros)
> Swiss Trains:
>   <http://www.sbb.ch/>               (Deutsch)
>   <http://www.rail.ch/index_e.htm>   (English)
> Basel Buses and Trams:
>   <http://www.bvb-basel.ch/>
> Flying in to Zürich (ZRH) <http://www.zurich-airport.com/>
> ==========================================================
> Zürich Flughafen is Switzerland's largest airport and has the most
> direct flights from elsewhere in the world.  It also has the advantage
> of having a Swiss Railway (SBB) terminal in the basement. To get to
> the trains, exit customs and look for the signs saying "Bahn" or "SBB"
> (usually red signs with white lettering).  They direct you to an
> escalator that goes down to a walkway under the street to the adjacent
> parking garage/shopping mall.  The mall's bottom floor are the tracks,
> the middle floor has ATMs, ticket purchasing machines, and tourist  
> info,
> and the top floor has a bunch of shops, including a Migros supermarket
> that is the best place to buy water and snacks for the trip home.
> The trains from Zürich Flughafen to Basel SBB take about 70 minutes
> to get to the center of Basel, costing 35 CHF each way for 2nd class.
> There are two trains, one direct IR train to Basel SBB that leaves
> at 04 minutes past the hour, and another train at 43 minutes past
> the hour that goes to Zürich Hauptbahnhof (HB), where you switch
> trains to a fast ICN/ICE train to Basel SBB.  I usually take the
> direct train just to avoid having to drag my stuff around Zürich HB,
> though both end up taking about the same clock time.
> I usually exit customs, walk towards the Bahn/Shopping Mall middle
> floor, find an ATM, buy a train ticket to Basel SBB at one of the red
> ticket kiosks (multilingual touch screen interface that accepts credit
> cards and CHF/Euro cash), then up the escalator to Migros to get some
> water and tea to help recover from the flight, and finally back down
> the escalator, find the numbered escalator for the train to Basel,
> down its escalator to the track itself, look at the platform signs
> above my head to be sure I'm standing in the right place, and then
> hopefully get on the right 2nd-class non-smoking coach. YMMV.
> Flying in to Basel/Mulhouse (BSL/MLH)
> =====================================
> Basel/Mulhouse (BSL/MLH) -- really one set of runways and terminals
> with separate Switzerland or France customs doors to go through after
> picking up your bags -- is actually located in France with a 2km
> Swiss road connecting it to Basel Nord.  It is a small airport that
> occasionally gets cheap commuter flights from other parts of Europe.
> The main problem with BSL/MLH is that the taxi ride to the city center
> is expensive (58 CHF), though there is also a reliable and cheap bus
> that is just as fast (10-15 minutes).
> The airport information desk outside customs has a small green booklet
> that is the bus timetable (also on the tram website above), and there
> are LED signs at the bus stop (just outside and to the right) that
> indicate when the next bus will depart to Basel SBB.  Be sure that
> you have coins (CHF or Euro) before leaving the terminal, since the
> bus/tram ticket kiosks are old mechanical gizmos that don't accept
> paper money or credit cards. Bus tickets from the airport are about
> 3.60 CHF or 2+ Euro and are also good on the connecting buses/trams
> inside Basel SBB for about 2 hours (8 CHF / 5.40 EUR for a day pass).
> Basel Train Stations (Basel SBB and Basel Bad Bahnhof)
> ======================================================
> Basel SBB is the central station where most trains terminate.
> Basel Badischer is on the northeast side of Basel and is shared
> with DB (German Rail).  Both are connected with the rest of Basel
> through a network of trams and buses.
> At Basel SBB, an elevated mall (Rail City) crosses above all of
> the tracks -- when exiting a train, go up the escalator and turn
> right if you want to head into the city center, or left if you
> are staying somewhere in the Gundeldingen quarter (mostly apartments).
> There are ATMs from several banks inside the station and also
> outside across from the main (NE) entrance.  The shops inside and
> around the train station are open longer hours and Sundays, unlike
> the rest of Basel which still has controlled shopping hours.
> Meeting at the Day office in Barfüsserplatz
> ===========================================
> <http://www.day.com/content/en/contact/basel.html>
> <http://www.basel.ch/?lang=en&ctool_page_id=663>
>    Day Software AG
>    Barfüsserplatz 6
>    4001 Basel
>    Switzerland
>    T +41-61-226 98 98
>    F +41-61-226 98 97
>    ch.info@day.com
> Barfüsserplatz is in the main city center of Basel and the mid-point
> of most tram lines.  It is also within walking distance of most of
> the city.  When you arrive, look south (towards the open square) for
> the Day office building (logos are on the top floor facing the trams)
> next to Barfüsserkirche (now a museum of city/music history).
> Go through the square and enter the building on the left at what
> looks like the entrance to a piano bar.  Make a right turn in the
> hallway, left through the glass door, and take the elevator up to
> the floor where you are meeting [David will fill in these details
> later].
> Basel Lodging
> =============
> (some of these links only show hotels by one owner)
>   http://www.tripadvisor.com/Hotels-g188049-Basel-Hotels.html
>   http://europe.hotelsbycity.com/switzerland/hotels-basel.html
> I haven't had much experience with Basel hotels, since I usually
> stay in a furnished apartment house in Gundeldingen.  If you stay
> in a Basel hotel they will give you a free tram/bus card for the
> length of your stay.
> The one hotel that I have stayed at is the Hotel St. Gotthard,
> <http://www.tripadvisor.com/Hotel_Review-g188049-d206165-Reviews-
> Best_Western_Hotel_St_Gotthard-Basel.html>
> which is located right across the street from Basel SBB's main
> entrance but protected from the noise.  No Internet at that time,
> though now it is listed as a wireless hotspot.  It was very clean
> and comfortable, and included breakfast.  The Hilton is on the same
> block and appears to be highly rated, though I have no experience
> there.
> http://www.hilton.com/en/hi/hotels/index.jhtml?ctyhocn=BSLHITW
> I think the closest hotels to the office are the Radisson SAS
> and Hotel Basel <http://www.hotel-basel.ch/index_en.html>.
> Most of the tourist hotels are on the riverfront, on either
> the near side or the far side of the Rhine and the conference
> center (Kleine Basel).  It is a lot more convenient to stay
> near the city center or Basel SBB rather than near the
> conference center.
> -- 
> Visit: http://dev.day.com/
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------
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