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Subject: Re: [cmis] followup on yesterday's discussion of the namespace proposal

Package is in the schema, but apparently not in part 1. What I suggest is similar to 87 but based on name rather than id:

a) remove typeId, baseType, baseTypeQueryName from type
b) remove baseType
c) add baseTypeName; whose value is one of the defined cmis base types (cmis:Document)
d) rename parentId to parentTypeName
e) add globalUniqueName to property and type definition:
This attribute contains a a globally unique name either in namespace format or Clark  format which uniquely identifies this type or property.
f) remove id, package from property definition
g) clarify name may contain prefixes utilizing ':'
h) clarify all cmis defined types and properties utilizes cmis prefix
g) extend query grammar to support multiple prefixes:
<prefixedidentifier> ::= [ ( <prefixedidentifier> | <identifier> ) ":" ] <identifier>

<identifier> ::= !! As defined by SQL-92 grammar.

This leaves on type definition:
- name, globalUniqueName, baseTypeName

property definition:
- name, globalUniqueName

In combination with namespace/prefixing proposal, then the base object types would be:
cmis;Document, cmis:Folder, cmis:Policy, cmis:Relationship


Al Brown
Emerging Standards and Industry Frameworks
CMIS: https://w3.tap.ibm.com/w3ki07/display/ECMCMIS/Home
Industry Frameworks: https://w3.tap.ibm.com/w3ki07/display/ECMIF/Home

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Julian Reschke <julian.reschke@greenbytes.de>


CMIS TC List <cmis@lists.oasis-open.org>


04/15/2009 07:14 AM


[cmis] followup on yesterday's discussion of the namespace proposal


in yesterday's telco, we heard concerns about potential overlap between
the proposed new globallyUniqueName attribute, and existing attributes
like "id" and "package".

1) It appears that there is no "package" attribute; it may have been
discussed earlier, but I can't find it in Draft 61a.

2) Regarding the potential overlap with "id"... That attribute is
currently defined as:

"This attribute contains a system-assigned ID which
uniquely identifies this property."

So this would not work, as the whole point of the globallyUniqueName is
that it can be used to have the same identifier across multiple
repositories and protocols; so, by definition, it can't be
system-assigned -- maybe we can just relax or rephrase that requirement,


3) for consistency with other object types like documents, the new
attribute should probably be present on all object types (for instance,
in JCR, node types are defined as expanded names as well).

Feedback appreciated,


<green/>bytes GmbH, Hafenweg 16, D-48155 Münster, Germany
Amtsgericht Münster: HRB5782

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