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Subject: Spec meeting today

Al Brown,
Ethan Gur-esh,
Ryan McVeigh,
Dave Sanders,
Tanya Saarvi,
David Choy and
Cornelia Davis

The group discussed the proposal from Ryan, and the 61 specification. The idea was clarity, providing the right information at the right places, and leveraging a central description.

In the Domain Model, the services section will be split into:

Arguments and Enums will be identified by name and referenced in the services definition and bindings. Enums will also include the fragment from the schemas defining them. The idea is that the named arguments and enums will then be referenced from where they are used in the domain model and bindings.

In the REST/Atom binding, the link relations will be collapsed into a list. In addition, the following will be added for each HTTP verb in each resource:

Request Format: N/A
Response Format: Atom Feed (flat)
HTTP Code:
• 200 OK (Success)
• 4xx error

• orderBy as defined by orderBy in Domain Model

The arguments sections will be removed.

These clarifications will be targetted for the 62 version.


Al Brown
Emerging Standards and Industry Frameworks
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Industry Frameworks: https://w3.tap.ibm.com/w3ki07/display/ECMIF/Home

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