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Subject: Updated list of attendees for CMIS PlugFest in Basel 29&30-April-2009

Dear TC Members & Jackrabbit developers,

For the upcoming CMIS PlugFest I received tentative confirmations
of attendance from the following people. In case I should have missed
anyone who confirmed their attendance, please let me know.

Al Brown / IBM
Berry van Halderen / Hippo
Boris Kraft / magnolia
Cedric Huesler / Day
Dave Caruana / Alfresco
David Nuescheler / Day
Dominique Pfister / Day
Florent Guillaume / Nuxeo
Florian Mueller / OpenText
Jens Huebel / OpenText
Martin Hermes / SAP
Michael Marth / Day
Paul Goetz / SAP
Sameer Charles / magnolia
Serge Huber / Jahia
Ugo Cei / SourceSense
Volker John / Saperion

I think there are only very few people on this list who have not been at
the Day HQ in Basel yet, so if you are not convinced that you will be able to
find the address, please let me know and I will privately send you my cell
phone # or call the main reception at +41612269898 .

We will start around 9am with coffee, an introduction and setting up the various
repositories and CMIS clients to make sure that we have everything we need
from a network perspective.


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