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Subject: Thanks & Issue-Report from PlugFest in Basel.

Dear TC members & Jackrabbit-devs,

I would like to thank everybody who attended the CMIS PlugFest in
Basel. I think it was very successful and
we uncovered a lot of issues while having a lot of fun achieving 31
(!) client / server connections.


I think we should be able to use the above matrix to track ongoing
CMIS introp testing.
I am sure this can be an evolving base for everybody to contribute
their test results to.

Also find write-ups about the PlugFest here:


I also reported the Issues that were logged [1] throughout the PlugFest
as issue 161 - issue 170 in the CMIS jira.


[1] http://www.day.com/o.file/cmis-issues.jpg?get=f2f7b2e3176fc1deb1d610ac0ad06ec9


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