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Subject: "CMIS logo"; Agenda for Monday

To all:

Some of you may have seen a sign that appeared to be a "CMIS logo". It
showed up on wikipedia
es) and elsewhere. The author of this sign is a graphic designer by the
name of Oliver Walthard. You can find the licensing terms for this sign
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Cmis_logo.png. A few people who saw
the sign seemed to like it.

Recently, OASIS communicated with Oliver. To my knowledge, Oliver has
indicated willingness to let OASIS use the sign as a logo for CMIS
loyalty-free for non-profit activities. Assuming a formal licensing
agreement can be drawn up, OASIS is ok if the TC decides to adopt the
logo. It is now a TC's choice. We will discuss this on Monday. Our
options are, obviously, (a) adopt it, (b) reject it, or (c) ignore it.
In my opinion, (c) is the worst choice for the TC. We should take a
position quickly. If we decide to adopt it, OASIS will likely set up
usage requirements to prevent logo misuse. We can also discuss licensing
terms that we desire, but I would let OASIS handle all the IP issues and
formal agreement with Oliver should we adopt the logo.

Following discussion, we will likely set up a ballot. Since a logo
formally represents the TC in the public, a "full-majority" vote is
needed to approve adoption.

Agenda for May 18th:
* Result of "May 25th TC Meeting" ballot
* "CMIS logo" discussion
* Result of "Access control" ballot; WG update
* Link relation WG - brief status
* Generic AtomPub client, AtomPub extension, xsd
* Document preview (thumbnail) proposal (CMIS-183)
* Fulltext search proposal (CMIS-144)
* JIRA issues - From #161


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