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Subject: Initial draft of "browser bindings" for CMIS

Dear TC members,

I uploaded the first draft of the "browser bindings".

First of all I would like to mention that the guiding principles and usecases
are focused a very simple interaction with the browser using the domain
model of CMIS delivering on the Mashup usecase.
Consider this draft a wishlist from a browser application developers
perspective, rather than something that has been vetted against
potential implementation efforts on the server side.

In our implementations we so far found that the protocol is simple
to implement on the server side in general and extremely efficient
over the wire given its very small network footprint.

Please feel free to comment on the usecases or the rationale behind
it or anything else that you find in the specification.

Dave Caruana kindly volunteered to help out with feedback in the process
and has already sent some very thoughtful discussion points, but not all of
those have been incorporated in this draft. Sorry about that and thanks
a lot to Dave.


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