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Subject: CMIS-596

Norrie and I have been working on CMIS-596. The first pass was to remove the Atom.XSD and remove the type from cmisra:children. This turned cmisra:children into a stub which could contain any type. This required the impl's to include xsi:type attribute on cmisra:children for parsing. Some impl's and ws stacks may have issues with this. It is not as clean as normal xsd's anyway and impls will still need to find an atom xsd somewhere if they use jaxb.

The second approach is to leverage the same model as WS for children. As such this requires two changes:
1. Moving cmisObjectInFolderType from CMIS-Messaging to CMIS-Core (so CMIS-RestAtom does not have to include CMIS-Messaging)
2. Creation of cmisChildrenType in restatom and having element cmisra:children us that type.
<xs:complexType name="cmisChildrenType">
This is the AtomPub extension element that will be
used to contain the children of the current atom:entry
<xs:element name="child" type="cmis:cmisObjectInFolderType"
minOccurs="1" maxOccurs="unbounded"/>
<xs:any namespace="##other" processContents="lax" minOccurs="0"
maxOccurs="unbounded" />
<xs:attributeGroup ref="cmis:cmisUndefinedAttribute" />

This is the best solution we have found to removing the atom.xsd from restatom. It is also more inline with common practices in XSD.

I expect to have an updated draft using this proposal by the end of the day. I propose that we proceed with that version for the second public review. If that solution is not acceptable, please vote no in the ballots and we can discuss on our next tc call.

Best & Happy Holidays, -Al

Al Brown
Office 714 327 3453
Mobile 714 251 6441
Email albertcbrown@us.ibm.com
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