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Subject: Spec is in, ballots are up

To all,

Thanks to our Editors, we made our aggressive date for the spec. In
particular, Al and Norrie tried hard to decouple the spec from atom.xsd.
If there is a concern over this change in cd05, please discuss by email.

As planned, I started two ballots. One is to approve the spec as a
Committee Draft. The other, contingent on the approval of the first, is
to approve submission of this Committee Draft for a 15-day Public
Review. This second review will be limited to the changes from the first
Public Review Draft. Both ballots will be open for 7 days and both
require a Full-Majority Vote to pass. All voting members should have
received from Kavi an invitation to vote. Please vote promptly - we need
your vote!

It has been a very productive year for the TC. Thank you all for your
I wish each of you a joyful holiday and a prosperous new year!

Best regards,

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