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Subject: Proposal: CMIS Profiles


I would like to propose a new feature for CMIS: CMIS Profiles


Many applications that use a content management backend need more than just the core of CMIS. In order to work properly with a repository some of the optional CMIS features are actually prerequisites for these applications. Common examples are meta data query support, versioning support, relationship support, etc. Also the existence of domain specific type definitions could be a prerequisite. There might be also assumptions about behavior that cannot be expressed by CMIS means. For example, if a document is deleted all related documents are automatically deleted as well. Or, creating a folder of a certain type triggers the creation of a set default documents in this folder. Or, setting a specified property also changes property values on other objects.

CMIS Profile Description:

A CMIS profile is kind of a contract. If a repository claims to support a certain profile it guarantees that all the prerequisites are fulfilled and it behaves as described. A CMIS profile description is an informal description. However, there should be a recommended template in the CMIS specification.
Each CMIS profile has a unique id. It is recommended to use an URI. An example could be: http://cmis.example.com/case-management/v1.2

The repository info will be extended by an id list of supported CMIS profiles for this repository. That should help applications picking a compatible repository.

CMIS Profiles might be a way to define retentions, legal holds and a connection to Open Social without touching the core CMIS specification. CMIS Profiles could also have a shorter update cycle and don't (directly) depended on the update cycle of the CMIS specification.



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