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Subject: CMIS: Inheritance Type definition

Hello CMIS-Members,


I got a question regarding Inheritance in Type-structure, causing some confusion during development.


Based on CMIS spec: Object-Type Hierachy and Inheritance


The properties of a CMIS base type MUST be inherited by its descendant types.  Attributes common to ALL Object-Type Property Definitions

inherited Boolean

Indicates whether the property definition is inherited from the parent type when TRUE or it is

explicitly defined for this object-type when FALSE.


Question is when MUST the inherited-Attribute be FALSE?


Example for the problem (notation is Object-Type + “. “ + Property-Type):

cmis:document.cmis:name (inherited=False, updateability=READONLY)

example:SubDocument.cmis:name (inherited=True, updateability=ONCREATE) or (inherited=False, updateability=ONCREATE)


Must attribute changes of a Type-Definition be marked with “inherited=False”?

Or is inherited only a marker for “name”-Inhertance?


Best Regards,

Alexander Haag

-Software Engineer-



WeWebU Software AG

Hauptstr. 14

91074 Herzogenaurach









Sitz / Domicile: Herzogenaurach, Deutschland

Vertretungsberechtigter Vorstand / Executive Board: Stefan Waldhauser (Vorsitzender / Chairman), Jens Dahl

Aufsichtsrat / Supervisory Board: Michael Salleck (Vorsitzender / Chairman), Thomas Leitner, Ruth Diringer

Registergericht / Register Court: Fürth, Bay.

Registernummer / Register Number: HRB 12083


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