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Subject: Status

To all TC members,

As year 2012 comes to a close, I would like to summarize where we stand regarding CMIS v1.1.
We have recently approved and published CMIS v1.1 Committee Specification 01 (CS01). The next step, which is the final step, is to get CMIS v1.1 approved as an OASIS Standard. The prerequisite for this step is to have at least three Statements of Use submitted on CS01. Thanks to Martin/SAP, we have one Statement submitted so far. We need two more before we can take this final step. (Note: A Statement of Use may also be submitted by a non-member on the CMIS public comment list. If you know of someone who is using or implementing CMIS v1.1, please encourage him/her to submit a Statement of Use.)

The final step consists of the following successive actions:
- TC voting to request TC Admin to conduct a Special Majority Vote to submit CS01 as a candidate OASIS Standard
- TC Admin conducting the Special Majority Vote
- TC submitting a complete candidate package
- TC Admin reviewing the package and conducting a 60-day public review
- TC handling public comments and notifying TC Admin of the results
- If comments are received and no change is made to the spec, TC requesting a Special Majority Vote to approve continuing the process, and, TC Admin conducting the Vote
- TC Admin conducting an OASIS Organizational Member Ballot to approve CMIS v1.1 as an OASIS Standard

My estimate is 5 months (after we received 3 Statements of Use) for all these actions to complete if everything goes smoothly. During this process, we shall continue to communicate and vote electronically. Therefore, I am cancelling all nominally scheduled TC meetings. We can schedule specific meeting whenever there is a need for one, probably using our usual time slot on a Monday. We can resume recurring meetings when members are ready to start new work, such as CMIS v2.0 discussion.

The TC had a highly productive year. We made great accomplishments in 2012, from publishing CMIS v1.0 Errata in January, to completing the development of v1.1 and sailing halfway through its lengthy approval process.

As holiday season is approaching, I wish each of you joyful celebrations, and, prosperity, good health, happiness, and success in the new year.


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