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Subject: First pass at an abstract for DAM Europe 2015

Hi TC members,

Thank you for letting me join your call today. Please see my brief abstract below to be submitted for http://www.henrystewartconferences.com/DAMEU2015/. I need your help, obviously. Also, please let me know if you all have any interest in the webinar.







The overarching goal of the CMIS4DAM Technical Committee (TC) is to make it easier to interconnect asset management systems. CMIS4DAM will leverage CMIS (a widely adopted Enterprise Content Management Standard) to provide the technical framework used to facilitate integration between DAM systems and other sources of digital assets.

The OASIS CMIS$DAM TC has begun its work in earnest and has identified the first set of use-cases that they plan to address in its work product. The use-cases identified are: <need full description here>.





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