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Subject: Minutes of CMIS4DAM Meeting on 17 February 2015

The CMIS4DAM TC Meeting 17 February 2015

Called to order at 9:00am PST/12:00PM EST/5:00PM CET


Irina Guseva, Individual, Chair
Ken Baclawski, Northeastern University, Chair
Ray Gauss II, Alfresco Software
Sascha Homeier, apollon GmbH+Co.KG
Peter Jan Beemster, SDL
Florent Guillaume, Nuxeo
Dee Schur, OASIS-OPEN Staff
Mark Davey, DAM Foundation
Timothy Day, Cognizant Technology Solutions
Gershon Janssen, Individual


I. Announcements by Dee Schur of OASIS

II. Introduce new members

III. Review TC proposal

IV. Next steps


I. Announcements by Dee Schur

1. The TC can organize a webinar.  The OASIS staff would work with a
subcommittee to develop the slides.  This is not an immediate issue.

2. The TC can participate in DAM Europe on 25-26 June in London.

If we are interested in these, we should contact Dee to handle logistics.  Her
email address is dee.schur@oasis-open.org.

Mark Davey mentioned that he will be at the London meeting. He also mentioned
other such meetings in NYC, Los Angeles and Chicago.

II. New members of the TC introduced themselves

Ken Baclawski, as CMIS Liaison, had nothing to report at this time.

III. Review TC Proposal

Ken Baclawski suggested that we should discuss the proposed TC deliverables:

1. A document describing the specific use cases of CMIS4DAM that the TC plans
to address in its work product.

2. Introductory core CMIS implementation models intended for managers and
technical practitioners that explain how to implement CMIS4DAM at a basic level

3. Advanced implementation models and frameworks that expand upon the
introductory items to include coverage of any initial metadata standards
encompassed by CMIS4DAM

4. Terminology guidelines and glossary (to be integrated with the DAM Glossary
being developed at damglossary.org)

5. Documentation describing core operations and instructions for extending them
to support specialized functionality in a compliant manner

A. It was agreed that we should begin by developing the use cases that the TC
plans to address in its work product.

Several suggestions were made for use cases:

1. Migration from one system to another; moving assets from one to the other.

2. System Integration. For example, between WCM and DAM, between PIM and DAM,
between media management and media delivery.

3. Metadata access and integration.

4. Assets may be accessed asynchronously. In particular, an asset might not
exist yet, could be ordered, and the requester would be notified when the asset
is available.

5. Renditions may be generated on demand according to a specification.

B. The scope of the TC was discussed.

1. Is CMIS4DAM an extension for CMIS or a new body of work?

It was agreed that assets are a more general concept than the CMIS concept of
document.  However, an attempt will be made to be compatible with CMIS as much
as possible, and Ken Baclawski will act as the liaison for this purpose.

2. How should metadata be accessed?

There was some discussion about this without a clear conclusion.  However,
there was agreement that CMIS4DAM will define a layer above XMP (and other
metadata standards) rather than endorsing a single metadata standard.

It was agreed that the TC should initially focus on metadata protocols and
communication.  Exactly what this would entail remains to be decided but it
could include mapping and disambiguation.

C. Interoperability.

It was pointed out that interoperability is not defined in CMIS although the
word is in the name.  So it has interoperability as a goal, but it never
actually define it.  The DAM Foundation Glossary includes the term
interoperability.  This can serve as a starting point.

IV. Next steps

The next meeting will be on 17 March 2015 at 9:00am PST/12:00PM EST/5:00PM CET.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:00am PST/1:00PM EST/6:00PM CET


Ken Baclawski, Co-Chair

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