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Subject: Upcoming meetings

With Summer vacations and the Labor Day holiday in the US, there were no CMIS meetings in August and will not be one in early September. The next CMIS meeting will be held on 21 September. I have requested that the agenda for that meeting include a discussion of the issues of concern to CMIS4DAM as they relate to CMIS. The CMIS TC members would like to be able to review the CMIS4DAM use cases and examples prior this meeting.

Accordingly, the following are the upcoming meetings of CMIS4DAM:

15 September  Review of issues and examples in preparation for the joint
              meeting with CMIS

21 September  Joint Meeting with CMIS

In the meantime, please work on your action items (especially examples), and prepare any topics you feel should be discussed at the joint meeting.

I wish everyone a restful (end of the) summer!

Best regards,

-- Ken

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