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codelist-comment message

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Subject: Comment on your requirements document

  I have no EDI experience and there were quite a lot of terms in the
document that are not explained.  I know it is a requirements document
and not the specification, but your document presumes prior knowledge of
existing codelists.  This makes me a bit wary as although you appear to
be uplifting existing technology I believe that you need to be open to
new thinking from people without prior experience.
  With the above in mind, I personally would concur with the aspiration
to not just have an XML representation of a codelist.  I believe that if
you can provide a framework for extra formats such as a Java interface
or RDF/Ontology based, the information can then be utilised in a wider

Martin Roberts 

BT plc, 
Group Research 
t: +44 1473 609785 
e: martin.me.roberts@bt.com 


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