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Subject: A Question re: the status of supporting derivable codelists


According to the presentation given at the New York XML SIG (May 2007), the ability to derive code lists was set aside (from version 0.4) so that version 1.0 of Genericode could be formalized more quickly. The presentation mentioned that code list derivation mechanisms would be added back in Genericode 2.0. What are the plans for the Genericode 2.0 work.


Why it matters:

I believe that handling codes, as proposed by this subcommittee is relevant to my work.  However, I need to be able to justify the added "complexity" over and above the mechanisms for extending enumeration proposed by http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/library/x-extenum/. I cannot make a strong case, given Genericode version 1.0, other than to say the version 2.0 will provide a way to both extend and restrict, and so is a more complete method for managing code lists. Hence, I need to know expectations for when 2.0 becomes (or is planned to become) a reality.


Deborra Zukowski

Pitney Bowes


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