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Subject: [codelist-comment] Context/Value Association public review March 2010

Thank you for the opportunity to comment on OASIS Context/Value Association (CVA).


I fully support the latest name change and welcome the prospect of CVA soon reaching Committee Specification status.


I had the privilege, as independent consultant to the New Zealand Ministry of Education, to trial, recommend, implement and deploy CVA since its very first draft publication in November 2006. At the time it was known as Draft OASIS UBL Methodology for Code List and Value Validation (UMCLVV).


CVA has evolved organically over the years.


CVA implementation is simple, as well as upgrading prior CVA implementations (including this latest, backward-incompatible name change).


CVA has reached a mature state.


I look forward to CVA becoming a Committee Specification. Seeing its many benefits, I would expect a wide adoption across many types of XML implementations.


Last but not least, a big thank you to the OASIS CLR TC for this great initiative and result. Well done!



Juerg Tschumperlin


Data Management Solutions, New Zealand


web www.d-m-s.co.nz


contact www.d-m-s.co.nz/contact.asp



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