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Subject: Re: [codelist-comment] Question about the validation tools

At 2010-05-11 16:22 -0700, ericdes wrote:
>I'd be interested in knowing what it would take to write those 
>validation routines in C#. It looks as if the Java world has already 
>what it takes out of the box, or am I wrong? Is there any source code released?

The committee is not responsible for source code, only 
specifications.  This was an explicit decision made in the early days 
of the committee when some code was available, but it was decided not 
to work with it.  The committee decided only to work on the 
specifications of the file formats and not any implementations.

And when you ask of "validation", I can think of two kinds of validation:

  (1) - the genericode and CVA files themselves are validly written; and

  (2) - XML instances validate against the constraints expressed in genericode
        and CVA files.

I have not seen any implementation of (1).  It would be checking that 
the files are valid according to the conformance constraints in the 
relevant chapters of each specification.

For (2) I have a complete running implementation in XSLT and 
Schematron found on Crane's web site:


... that is free to use by anyone.  It is being used in the UBL 
committee to create the validation stylesheets included in the UBL 

You've asked your questions on the official committee comment 
list.  The next time we have a committee meeting (not currently 
scheduled) I'll try to remember to ask committee members if they have 
any outstanding aspects of your questions they may wish to comment on.

But this list is not meant for back and forth discussions.  If you 
feel the answer here is incomplete, you are welcome to ask for more 
details, but such questions should be directed to the committee 
regarding the specification or committee business.

Those who wish to engage in more general discussions can subscribe to 
the CLR-Dev developers' list, so I urge you to join there for more 


Thanks again for your interest in the work products of this committee.

. . . . . . . . . . . Ken

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