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Subject: Questions on: CVA Status and real world implementations

Dear Sir or Madam,


As officer at the IT standardization office of the federal German government and the Länder (KoSIT) I am looking for up to date information on the "Context/Value Association" specification.


As KoSIT we are providing a framework (named XÖV) to foster development of technical specifications for the public administration.  At this time, we are undergoing a study on the benefits and risks of utilizing the CVA approach to address existing requirements of the XÖV users. In particular, we are interested whether there is any information on the following topics available:


•             Release plans, Change Requests and overall maintenance procedures of the specification

•             Real world implementations / usage of the CVA approach


On the background:

The XÖV Framework provides specific methodology (MDD), tools, building blocks (semantics and data types) and infrastructure components to support the efficient development and maintenance of technical specifications for xml based data exchange in eGovernment. We introduced Genericode in 2010 to our framework and at that time it seemed to be a good idea to restrict Genericode features to ease the adoption of the specification for the users of the XÖV Framework.


Nowadays Genericode code lists are a vital component of the framework and the specifications developed on the basis of the framework and we are faced with increasing customer demands. As a consequence, we started to rethink the scope of regulation and consider a future framework release that supports a wider range of genericode features as well as standardized methods for using codelists (leading us to CVA).

Thus, I would appreciate if you could provide any details or more up to date information on maintenance, release plans or market relevance of the CVA specification which is not already on the OASIS website published.


If you need more detailed information or if you are interested in the Genericode application within the framework and related tools I would be happy to answer your questions. Many thanks in advance for your kind support.



Mit freundlichem Gruß / With best regards





Freie Hansestadt Bremen

Die Senatorin für Finanzen

Referat 02 – Koordinierungsstelle für IT-Standards (KoSIT)


Adresse: Schillerstraße 22, 28195 Bremen

Postanschrift: Rudolf Hilferding Platz 1, 28195 Bremen


Telefon: +49 (0)421 361 59 411

E-Mail: lutz.rabe@finanzen.bremen.de | kosit@finanzen.bremen.de

Internet: www.xoev.de | www.xrepository.de | www.osci.de 


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