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Subject: RE: [codelist] genericode 0.4 requirements


AS I mentioned in my previous email to the list, I am catching up with this TC from scratch. I certainly like the way that this spec is heading.

I have a couple of questions about the requirements.

* I do not fully understand the difference between R4 (Support for multiple, alternative codes) and F2 (Support for multiple alternate code values for the same code list entry). How do these relate to a list such as ISO 3166, which has alpha-2, alpha-3 and numeric-3 formats (e.g. GB, GBR, 826)? I suspect that, if I don't understand the current wording, some others won't as well.

* Did I miss something, or is there no mention of code list metadata? As well as each row having metadata, metadata such as list owner belongs to the list as a whole. R28 (Metadata-only code lists can be represented) implies that it exists (unless this just means that the column headings exist), but I did not see explicit mention of it.


Paul Spencer
Boynings Consulting Ltd

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Anthony B. Coates (Miley Watts) [mailto:abcoates@mileywatts.com]
> Sent: 19 September 2006 00:07
> To: Code List Representation TC
> Subject: [codelist] genericode 0.4 requirements
> The attached archive (rename the ".zzz" extension to ".zip") contains a  
> list of requirements for genericode 0.4, taken from my genericode  
> requirements lists and the genericode documentation.  I am 
> proposing this  
> as a starting list of requirements for the Code List 
> Representation TC.  I  
> will add this to Kavi when an issue with the access permissions is  
> resolved.
> Ken, could we add this as an agenda item for Wednesday?  Thanks,
> Cheers, Tony.
> -- 
> Anthony B. Coates
> Senior Partner
> Miley Watts LLP
> Experts In Data
> +44 (79) 0543 9026
> Data standards participant: ISO 20022 (ISO 15022 XML), ISO 19312,  

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