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codelist message

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Subject: a codelist


I just came across an example of data that would be, it seems to me, amenable
to Codelist description that also serves a pressing real-life need: 
wanted.html and

"It allows the browser to work out where the registry-controlled portion of a
domain name ends and the end-entity-controlled portion begins. For example,
in "fred.com", "com" is the responsibility of the registry, and "fred" is the
responsibility of the registrant. However, in "fred.valer.hedmark.no",
"valer.hedmark.no" is the registry's part. The rules for where to make the
split differ between the 250+ top-level domains in existence, and so there's
no programmatic way of telling. You just need a very big list of all the

Should we use this as an example in documentation maybe?

Bryan Rasmussen

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