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Subject: Proposed postponement of the next CLRTC teleconference

Hello everyone,

In our minutes of the last CLRTC meeting, the committee was to review 
a draft Committee Draft in time for our next meeting:


Tony is hoping to post his work in the next day or so.

Our next meeting is currently scheduled for Tuesday April 10, 2007 
and I do not believe we now have sufficient time to review the draft 
Committee Draft before the meeting with which to make any decisions.

I see two choices:  (1) continue with our April 10 meeting for 
comments and convene again April 17 for voting, or (2) postpone until 
April 17 and just do the voting then, having raised issues on the 
mail list before then.

I think (2) is best and we should postpone our next teleconference, 
but I want to hear the opinion of others first, please.  I would like 
to announce the next meeting before the end of tomorrow, so please 
post your opinions on-list, and send me your availability to attend 
April 17 off-list.  In fact there is a bit of risk because I might 
become unavailable for April 17, but for now let's assume that I 
would be in a position to chair the meeting.


. . . . . . . . . . . Ken

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