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Subject: Re: [codelist] codelist example

At 2007-04-17 04:42 +1000, Ram Kumar wrote:
>I am also looking for some sample examples showing how to implement code lists
>using the specs.

There are 94 genericode files in the UBL distribution in:


Four of them are derived from the CEFACT schemas and 11 others are 
populated with values from the UBL committee ... the remainder are 
meta-data only without any values.  I understand quantity does not 
reflect differentiation ... you won't see a lot of different uses of 
the code list document model in those 94 examples.

Regarding "how to implement code lists", when thinking about 
validating XML documents using any XML vocabulary, the UBL TC is 
publishing a methodology that is not constrained only to UBL .. it 
works with *any* XML document by implementing a Schematron-based 
"second pass value validation" step that is run after XSD-based (or 
RELAX-NG, or DTD) structural/lexical validation.  The latest version is at:


When thinking about data entry and code lists, only last evening did 
I post to the UBL list a discussion of the use of the validation 
artefacts in a data entry tool to direct the user editing of 
controlled vocabulary information items:


Both of the above work independent of UBL as there is nothing 
UBL-specific in the discussions.

So, when you use the word "implement" do the above issues of 
validation and data entry cover your topic, or were you thinking of 
other aspects of implementing code lists?

. . . . . . . . . . Ken

>Ram Kumar
>On 4/17/07, Ray Denenberg, Library of Congress 
><<mailto:rden@loc.gov>rden@loc.gov> wrote:
>I note that the latest document doesn't include a codelist example (in
>genericode format), but is there some simple example floating around, that
>could be put up, unofficially, and used just for reference purposes, as a
>review and discussion aid?

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