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Subject: ECF court policy code list requirements



I just returned from a face-to-face meeting of the ECF TC (held last Friday, 5-Oct-2007 in Tampa). During that meeting, it was agreed that two specific code list requirements in the Court Policy component of the ECF specification would be addressed in the next version of the specification (planned for 1st quarter 2008). The two requirements involve nested code lists and implementation-specific context restrictions. I’ve attached a document describing these requirements along with an alternative solution proposed by one of the ECF TC members.


Members of the ECF TC have expressed concern with using genericode because it appears to add quite a bit of complexity for implementers to deal with. However, they are also concerned that the proposed alternative approach may be too restrictive and inflexible. Their desire is to find some middle ground where code lists may be expressed in a simplified manner while providing enough flexibility to meet the aforementioned requirements.


I am looking at creating a couple of genericode examples, perhaps using the same sample data used in the alternative approach to facilitate comparative analysis. Any thoughts on this matter and assistance in creating properly formatted genericode examples would be most appreciated.






Jim Harris

National Center for State Courts

300 Newport Ave, Williamsburg, VA 23185

jharris@ncsc.dni.us | (757) 259-1804



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