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Subject: Re:Interesting article about extending enumeration lists in XML Schema

100% agreed.

>I see using genericode with context/value >association allowing
>different users to have different >restrictions on lists without
>having different schemas.

>Furthermore genericode with context/value >association allows
>different restrictions on the same >enumeration used in different
>contexts of the one document.  I don't >believe this can be addressed
>in W3C Schema when using global types.

This is the power of Genericode with context/value association and my own experience using this mechanism to customise the "semantics" of a generic data model such as party (OASIS CIQ) to meet global requirements is terrific and it has received excellent response. I also use this approach in my work where we have to deal with specific code list requirements (context specific) from different lines of business based around common code lists for the organisation. 

>While, yes, you could put value-level meta >data and list-level meta
>data in appinfo constructs in a W3C Schema >enumeration, genericode
>allows one to selectively use the >available keys without having to
>change the file in any way.


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