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Subject: Re: [codelist] Genericode 1.1? - a request from CEFACT for embedded code lists in code list set documents

At 2009-04-13 21:47 +0100, Anthony B. Coates (DES) wrote:
>Apologies that I've been so slow moving on this.  I mentioned previous
>that UN/CEFACT ICG had request some additions to the genericode Schema.
>In particular, in the 1.0 Schema, a code list set can contain
>  * code lists
>  * references to code lists
>  * references to other code lists sets
>UN/CEFACT ICG would like us to add
>  * code list sets (not just references)
>To be complete, I think we could also add
>  * column sets (external definitions of columns and keys)
>  * references to column sets
>I have a prototype Schema that supports this, and am working on a set of
>examples to demonstrate the different ways code list sets can be
>constructed.  While doing that, I have found a bug in the genericode 1.0

We are allowed to issue errata.

>In the 1.0 Schema, a code list reference contains
>  * a mandatory canonical URI
>  * an optional canonical version URI
>  * any number of location URIs
>A code list set reference contains exactly the same.
>However, a column set reference contains
>  * a mandatory canonical version URI
>  * any number of location URIs
>This is an oversight on my part.  When I made an update to the content
>model for references, I apparently fixed only the code lists and code list
>sets, not the column sets.
>I think we should fix this, but that would make the next release of
>genericode backwards incompatible.  It would be a 2.0 release instead of a
>1.1 release.  I suspect it would only be "technically" backwards
>incompatible, because I have no evidence that anyone is using column set
>references at present

Then we should be safe issuing a 1.0 erratum that fixes the inconsistency.

Then adding the new code sets and column sets would be a version 1.1.

>(but I would certainly like to hear from anyone who
>is).  The purpose of this e-mail is to let you all know about this issue,
>and to get your feedback about fixing it in the next release of genericode.

I'll check with Mary.

. . . . . . . . . . . Ken

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