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Subject: ISO TC 154 work soliciting liaison expert participation this week

Members of the relevant e-commerce and e-government committees:

Please note the following opportunities for participation via liaisons
in the planned work projects by ISO TC 154 noted below.

1.   TC 154 plans to advance the ISO 15000-5 ebXML Core Components
standard to International Standard status.  The notice states that
while the promotion to IS the primary work plan, the ISO TC also will
take it upon itself to "include any necessary update to the TS", so
the possibility of alterations apparently exists.  See attached notice
154n641.  (There was an earlier 154n639, which was withdrawn.)

2.   TC 154 plans to draft a new Technical Report to discuss progress
in implementing the ISO 6422 TR Electronic Layout Key, and possibly to
extend or modify it.  See attached notice 154nN637.

3.  TC 154 plans to revise the ISO 9735-10 EDIFACT Syntax service
directories standard.  See attached notice 154nN640.

As you know, OASIS has category A liaison status with ISO TC 154.  We
would be happy to support the requests of OASIS TC members to
participate in these projects.  In each case, the response deadline
for indicating interest as a participant is January 14, 2012, and the
person to notify directly is TC 154's secretariat, Maarten Peelen at
maarten.peelen@nen.nl.   Also attached is the general letter from TC
154's chair, Klaus-Dieter Naujok, inviting more participation from
liaison representatives in these and other expected ISO work projects.

I will contact several of you directly, in cases where there might be
an obvious technical connection with specific OASIS work.  Cordially,

James Bryce Clark, General Counsel
OASIS: Advancing open standards for the information society


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