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Subject: Revising the Code List Representation TC charter and chairman

Fellow CLR TC members,

The Code List Representation TC was founded to establish the semantics of coded value domains, and a serialization of values and their semantics for any given code list. Our work products include the genericode XML file format and the context/value association XML file format. Genericode has found a use as well for sparse-table serializations for any kind of information, not only coded value domains.

It has been a decade since the CLRTC has produced any new deliverables. This is testament, I think, to the quality of what was produced and the utility it has provided to the community.

Our committee began in August 2006 with the generous donation of the genericode file format created by Tony Coates. I went through the process to found the committee and have chaired it since, so 14+ years.

A recent revision to the committee operations process dictates that chairs be re-appointed every two years:


At the same time a recent revision to the TC process has introduced a need to revisit a TC's charter every four years:


At a recent UBL teleconference, new code list representation requirements were identified, or at the least, were posited. I heard of the need for a JSON serialization of the semantics. I have a Schematron script to add to the validation conformance clause. Perhaps there are other new requirements.

Our genericode committee specification never was taken to the step of becoming an OASIS Standard. Moreover, I heard it asked why this hasn't yet been taken to ISO as a Publicly Available Specification. Certainly we can look at the value in putting in the effort to do so.

I haven't heard of any new semantics that might be missing from the genericode specification, so perhaps we will be able to preserve the existing XML schemas so that the user community can be reassured that nothing has changed in the semantics. The Schematron value validation I've prepared codifies constraints that users should have been following all along.

Given the tight scope and existing work, I think it will not take a long time to address all of the topics that need to be discussed.

But first, we need to get the committee back up and running, while conforming to the new process requirements.

I would like not to continue as the committee chairman, though I will absolutely continue as a committee member. I have the editorial tools to move the documentation into a maintainable format that allows publication both to OASIS and ISO layouts to prepare for a possible future submission to ISO, so I can serve as the editor until someone takes it over. I will ask TC Admin for a git documentation repository and an artefacts repository in which the entire committee can participate by forking copies and making pull requests.

But I would like someone to step up and offer to become the chairman, please, to learn the OASIS TC process, to run the meetings and work with TC Admin in the running of the committee. Learning with such a small committee will equip you to take on other committees in the future. This isn't as scary as you may think! I will work along side you while you get your sea legs.

I would like to begin meeting in the new year so that the committee can be cleaned up and the work started and ended soon with an aggressive schedule. I propose meeting Wednesdays at 14:00UTC (08:00CST/09:00EST/15:00CET) in the hour ahead of the UBL meeting. I know this conflicts with one of the UBL subcommittees, but their work will be quiet for a while and our aggressive schedule would free up the time slot as soon as possible.

Our first meeting would be on January 6 providing that I am not in hospital or recovering from surgery. I will announce the teleconference details in advance of the meeting. Another reason we need someone else to chair.

Please take the time to consider all of the above. You are most welcome to ask questions publicly on this list or privately to me personally. Meanwhile, I will put out a call for participation to UBL-Dev and CLRTC-Dev. Yes, there was a CLRTC-Dev https://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/clr-dev/ and I see that I need to talk with TC Admin regarding reviving it.

And please pass the word on to anyone you think would be interested in participating.

Thanks to you all. Have a happy, healthy, and safe holiday season.

. . . . . . Ken

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