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Subject: Understanding ISO/IEC 15944-10 in light of our work

Fellow CLRTC members,

I'm struggling through ISO/IEC 15944-10 in gory detail and I would like to make an important observation to save you some of the grief that I have been experiencing.

Please remember that this Part 10 is an ISO/IEC 14662 BOV (Business Oriented View) semantic perspective of code lists. It is very abstract and very precise (and very wordy!). The audience for this document is the set of standards organizations or committees or companies who are *creating* the lists of codes as semantic representations of real-world concepts. The illustrative XML in the annex is not normative and is there only to illustrate how a table of coded values and their equivalences that expound on the semantics of each code could possibly be represented. That XML is not being standardized by Part 10.

We are working on the FSV perspective of code lists, or as Part 10 states "the IT-enablement" of code lists.

Important to note is that the standard boils down a code list to a set of identifiers and a set of rows with columns ... which is exactly what genericode is! So Tony's work slots in very well with Part 10.

This is bolstered by the illustrative XML that has identification information, column information, and row information ... just like genericode, though genericode does it with more rigour and more flexibility.

But in light of Part 10 being a BOV specification and we are working on an FSV specification, please do not get caught up in the minutiae in Part 10 of source authorities and their responsibilities for documenting rules for the generation of coded values in a coded value domain. Yes, they have to do all that (whether they know it or not since Part 10 isn't widely known), but we don't in our work.

And, yes, the text of genericode needs to be reviewed to see where we can use the language of Part 10 so as to bolster genericode as being a suitable standardized FSV supporting Part 10's BOV.

Part 10 is good work for what it is meant to cover, but it is a different perspective of the work we are doing.

And it will be a good treatment for insomnia for anyone in our committee.

. . . . . . Ken

p.s. ISO/IEC 15944-10 can be downloaded at no charge from:


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