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Subject: Agenda for Code List Representation TC call 23 April 2021 14:00 UTC

Agenda for Code List Representation TC call
23 April 2021 - 9:00 MSP/10:00 Ottawa/14:00 UTC/16:00 Central Europe

Conferencing info
Meeting ID: 878 5955 1232

Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android:
Password is needed and sent separately, if you do not have it please send an email to the chair

TC Members presence and status at this meeting
See https://www.oasis-open.org/committees/membership.php?wg_abbrev=codelist
(X) Kenneth Bengtsson (Voting Member) - Individual
(X) Erlend Klakegg Bergheim (Member) - The Norwegian Agency for Public and Financial Management (DFO)
(X) Andrea Caccia (Chair) - Individual
(X) Ger Clancy (Persistent Non-Voting Member) - IBM
(X) Jim Harris (Member) - National Center for State Courts
(L) Ken Holman (Voting Member) - Crane Softwrights Ltd.
(X) Natalie Muric (Member) - Publications Office of the European Union
(X) Levine Naidoo (Persistent Non-Voting Member) - IBM
(X) Dennis Weddig (Voting Member) - Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis

Legend (X):
(L)=Leave of absence

TC Members possibly gaining voting rights after this meeting

TC Members possibly loosing voting rights
after this meeting
Kenneth Bengtsson
Dennis Weddig

Review of last call minutes

Review of the TC Charter
Completed, the new charter published at:

Confirmation of Meeting Schedule

TC Deliverables planning
Agreed that we first should focus on the first two deliverables:
- a semantic model / meta-model of genericode
- an XML serialization of the genericode semantic model, with the intent of backward compatibility (or even no changes) to the existing genericode
We need to look into how to express the semantic model of the existing markup vocabulary. What technologies should we look at and use?
Further discussion at the next meetings is needed.

We need to look into aligning the prose to ISO/IEC 15944-10 IT-enabled coded domains as semantic components in business transactions.
Andrea and Ken volunteered for start taking care of this and make proposals to the group.

Discussion document as a first attempt to put Genericode in scope of ISO/IEC 15944 and Open-edi standards:

Other Business
As comes forward.


General TC information
Home - https://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/codelist/
GitHub - https://github.com/oasis-tcs/codelist-genericode
JIRA - https://issues.oasis-open.org/projects/CODELIST

Membership status review
Voting status is determined by the following:
- existing voting members must not miss two consecutive meetings to maintain voting status
- non-voting members must attend two consecutive meetings to obtain voting status
- members formally on leave by prior request must not attend and their voting status is not impacted

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