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Subject: Minutes for Code List Representation TC call 16 July 2021 14:00 UTC

Minutes for Code List Representation TC call
16 July 2021 - 9:00 MSP/10:00 Ottawa/14:00 UTC/16:00 Central Europe

Conferencing info
Meeting ID: 878 5955 1232

Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android:
Password is needed and sent separately, if you do not have it please send an email to the chair

TC Members presence and status at this meeting
See https://www.oasis-open.org/committees/membership.php?wg_abbrev=codelist

Pres. Name Organization Status
(A) Kenneth Bengtsson Individual Member
(P) Erlend Klakegg Bergheim The Norwegian Agency for Public and Financial Management (DFO) Voting Member
(L) James Cabral Individual Leave of absence
(P) Andrea Caccia (chair) Individual Voting Member
(A) Ger Clancy IBM Persistent non-voting Member
(R) Jim Harris National Center for State Courts Voting Member
(P) Ken Holman Crane Softwrights Ltd. Voting Member
(A) Natalie Muric Publications Office of the European Union Voting Member
(A) Levine Naidoo IBM Persistent non-voting Member

Presence legend (X):
(L)=Leave of absence

TC Members gaining voting rights after this meeting

TC Members loosing voting rights
after this meeting

Review of last call minutes

Minutes are approved.

Confirmation of Meeting Schedule

It was agreed to have a vacation period during August and cancel the 2 foreseen meetings.

TC Deliverables planning
Agreed that we first should focus on the first two deliverables:
- a semantic model / meta-model of genericode
- an XML serialization of the genericode semantic model, with the intent of backward compatibility (or even no changes) to the existing genericode
We need to look into how to express the semantic model of the existing markup vocabulary. What technologies should we look at and use?
Further discussion is needed.

Semantic model / meta-model
James volunteered for start looking into the  "semantic model / meta-model of genericode" topic and assessing if the fit of the metamodel to current Genericode specification.
The NIEM metamodel should be analysed,
Git repository:
Proposed extensions to the NIEM metamodel to support genericode features such as multiple columns and keys with mocked up example based on nc:LanguageCode that introduces 3 new elements to the NIEM metamodel, for discussion:

Comments from Ken:

Ken observed the following about the metamodel in light of the work being done in JSON:
- it may be premature to continue work on the metamodel until we determine its utility in light of our earlier decision on JSON
- earlier it was decided that the JSON syntax is only a demonstration subset of genericode so that users can tailor the JSON to their own needs
- if we aren't going to create the entire genericode in JSON, what is the use of a metamodel?
- already proposals are made to have different names in the JSON than in the XSD, so what would we have to do in the metamodel to identify semantics that are labeled differently in the two syntaxes
- Ken proposed we consider suspending the metamodel and put our efforts into a parallel subset JSON and other responsibilities on the project

TC members are invited to make their observetions to the mailing list.

Genericode document editing
Ken volonteered to continue dealing with Genericode document editing.
Ken posted genericode-v1.0-csd04wd03 for review:


We need to look into aligning the prose to ISO/IEC 15944-10 IT-enabled coded domains as semantic components in business transactions.
Andrea and Ken volunteered for start taking care of this and make proposals to the group.
Further d
iscussion on first attempt to put Genericode in scope of ISO/IEC 15944 and Open-edi standards:

See also for further information:

JSON scheme
Preliminary schema from Erlend:

Further considerations from Ken for discussion:

The group discussed the schema and examples in github and recognized that as a good basis to proceed.
In the next weeks Ken and Erlend will further progress the work.

Use or potential use of Genericode
A question was raised to check about interest on having JSON serialization of genericode.
Possible users to reach:
- source authorities listed in the ICD list based on ISO/IEC 6523

Use of Code lists by OpenPEPPOL was spotted by Ken:
They publish code lists both in XML and JSON and also using genericode.

Use of genericode by the European Commission was identified with electronic invoicing:

The EU Publication Office is using genericode:

The OASIS LegalXML Electronic Court Filing specifications v4 and v5 use genericode.
ECF v4 is widely adopted among US state courts.

It important to determine when JSON is used if it is for internal use or for publication as this can influence the development.
It was observed that any JSON serialization would not be able to address XML features such as annotations and custom complex values in columns.

Ken started a poll to gather input from potential stakeholders:

Discussion about first reactions.
Summary tallies in the two simultaneous polls from Ken's (see https://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/codelist/202106/msg00003.html):

I'll take XML and create JSON: 11
I need JSON and can't use XML: 0

My audience accepts my XML: 6 = 30%
My audience wants JSON from me: 14 = 70%

Natalie contacted directly potential stakeholders.

The revision activities for ISO/IEC 6523 also started (ISO/IEC AWI 6523-1 and ISO/IEC AWI 6523-2) with potential use of genericode can be foreseen for the publication of the ICD list by the ISO/IEC 6523 RA.

Other Business

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