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Subject: PQI Changes



Paul suggested a few edits in the PQI document. Rather than processing them as issues, here's what I did.


1) Query not required, e.g. all atoms request. - I deleted 'required'


2) Is there some form of parenthesisation? E.g. (a>1 AND a <3) OR (a <1 and b=0) ? Not needed and 'filter' can be used recursively in the JSON format of the query. I just deleted the comment.


3) The conformance section is too detailed. This is because we wanted the minimal implementation to be really simple (just all atoms and atom count) while at the same time requiring more capable DEs to use the same query format.


4) Fixed the CoelitionID issue.


5) Created an issue for the question of special operations for all atoms and atom count.


If there are problems with the above, simply raise an issue.



Take care:

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