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Subject: Observations on Committee Draft 01

Tessella Ref: NPD/7907/CL/CSC/2015Nov03/12:17:49


I've finished reviewing the documents and have a number of observations. Most are typographic (there are some strange numbers appearing in words like '5uthorized5d' and there is one 'bug' which I raised yesterday. The paragraph on authorisation and authentication in the IDA was what we agreed would be the wording across the MMI, BAP and PQI as it is clearer with respect to how the passwords are presented and encoded. I think this is not a bug but has the potential to confuse or mislead.

Happy to discuss on our call pending a vote.




- contains the phrase 'pseudonymous identity key'. I think 'identity should be removed'

- Section 2 'Coeition' misspelling
- Section 2.1: paragraphs on A&A are not what we agreed: See IDA example:
"HTTP basic authentication SHALL be used to authenticate calls to the API. Passwords SHOULD be 64 bytes in length and supplied as a base 64 encoding string. This MUST be converted to ASCII and prefixed with the userid followed by a colon to form the token passed in the HTTP Authorisation Header."
Section 2.1 ;  mis-spellings like '5uthorized5d'
- Section 2.7 Bug referred to yesterday: Timestamp and Signature should refer to DeviceID, not ConsumerID

- Section 2.1: paragraphs on A&A are not what we agreed: See IDA example above
- Misspelling '5nrecognized'
- Section 2: Paragraph "The query interface has one method ..." has no normative keywords.

- Section 4.2: misspelling: '7uthorized7d'

Dr. Paul Bruton

Chadwick House, Birchwood Park, Warrington, WA3 6AE
Paul.Bruton@tessella.com, T: +44 (0)7557 916535
www.tessella.com    Registered in England No. 1466429

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