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Subject: COEL call notes

We closed the remaining open action to create a Committee Draft.


We discussed 4 areas that we felt needed development:


1. Classification of Everyday Living knowledge base (JSON)


There 2 types of task – one is a an holistic improvement of completeness and the other is tactical focused on enabling new applications. The former might be best led by an organisation with knowledge as one of their key deliverables (e.g. a university). The other is more pragmatic and needs to be very close to the business application. However, both must use the same mechanism to create, test and record improvements / changes.


Action: Joss to contact Seb Chastin to remind him to look in the work completed


2. IoT


To improve the applicability and usability in IoT applications. Coelition has a requirement to drive this. We may benefit from bring new organisations into the discussion on this topic.




The atoms structure uniquely lends itself to tagging with a consent field. This could include various parameters (e.g. duration) and links to terms databases. Coelition has started this discussion and is keen to pursue it.


4.Data Engine APIs


The API interface to the Data Engine has most of the potential technical development actions.


Action: David – how much does Fujitsu want to drive this area going forward?


These cover most of the open issues and leave just a few left for the existing group to address.


The closing questions were about the next stages of the Committee Draft process and perhaps Chet could join for us call before Christmas.


Best regards





Joss Langford

Technical Director

Activinsights Ltd


Tel: 01480 862080

MBL 07712 886208



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