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Subject: Questions Of Versioning in OASIS



We are pretty clear on the OASIS document versioning process, e.g. WD -> CD -> CS -> OS.


Are there any recommendations for version changes within our documents. We have some documents that will change slowly, like the interface specifications, but others like the model will change more regularly. There will also be backward compatible changes (additions to the model) and non-backward compatible changes (change in the structure of the exist model). Is there an OASIS resource addressing these issues or are we on our own with general industry best practice?


Other related questions we have are:


Is there any way to manage the basic difference between the model and the interface specs. Is there an example TC where there are some long standing interface specs, but one of more data models evolve over time?


Any other advice you can point us at.


Take care:

    Dr. David Snelling < David . Snelling . UK . Fujitsu . com >

    Senior Research Fellow

    Research Transformation and Innovation

    Fujitsu Laboratories of Europe Ltd.

    +44-7590-293439 (Mobile)


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