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Subject: Re: [coel] COEL specification description

Hi Joss,

This all looks good, but I think the final sentence is a bit soft:

How about

...data portability. Simple interface specifications (MMI & PQI) enforce the separation of roles and provide system-level interoperability.


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From:        Joss Langford <joss@activinsights.com>
To:        "coel@lists.oasis-open.org" <coel@lists.oasis-open.org>
Date:        09-12-16 07:52
Subject:        [coel] COEL specification description
Sent by:        <coel@lists.oasis-open.org>

One of my outstanding actions is to re-consider the description of our work and its wider relevance. My first attempt is below:



The OASIS COEL specification provides a privacy-by-design framework for the collection and processing of behavioural data.


It is uniquely suited to the transparent use of dynamic data for personalised digital services, IoT applications where devices are collecting information about identifiable individuals and the coding of behavioural data in identity solutions.


The specification pseudonymises personal data at source (IDA) and maintains a separation of different data types with clearly defined roles & responsibilities (RPE) for all actors.


All behavioural data are defined as event-based packets (BAP). Every packet is connected directly to an individual and can contain a summary of the consent they provided for the processing of the data.


A combination of a taxonomy of all human behaviours (COEL) and the event-based protocol provide a universal template for data portability. While simple interface specifications (MMI & PQI) give system-level interoperability.







Current description for reference:

What are the Classification of Everyday Living specifications and why are they important?

Digital technologies are becoming more and more integrated into our daily lives. They promise huge benefits to society, but the data they create carries potential for abuse.

COEL is a hierarchical taxonomy of everyday human life events, comprised of a Knowledge Base, Data Model and Methodology. It aims to be a roadmap for collecting and handling personal data that protects the interests of both individuals and businesses.

Classification of Everyday Living V1.0 provides an overview of the specification and defines the model of the hierarchical taxonomy.

Roles, Principles, and Ecosystem V1.0 describes the roles of the various actors and principles of a COEL ecosystem.

Behavioural Atom Protocol V1.0 defines a protocol for data exchanges that are capable of describing, querying and reporting a human activity event (Behavioural Atom) using the COEL model classification.

Minimal Management Interface V1.0 describes the minimal interface between a Data Engine and other actors in the ecosystem.

Identity Authority Interface V1.0 defines the interface protocol for an Identity Authority (IDA). The IDA is a central web-based service that statelessly provides unique, signed Pseudonymous Keys.

Public Query Interface describes the minimum synchronous query interface that must be provided by a Data Engine.



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