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conformance message

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Subject: conformance TC procedures

Hello All

The procedures for starting a new TC include having the discussion leaders
post the prupose of the TC, meeting schedule, list of proposed deliverables
and names of proposed chair.  This has been done.  The proposed chair is
myself, Lynne Rosenthal with Mary Brady, also from NIST as the co-chair.
The next step is "Call for Nominations"  this is when you will be asked to
commit to participating at meetings and be voting members of the committee.
 We will send this out later this week.  

I have heard from several of the people on the Conformance Mail list and it
looks like we have a very good group.  I know that not everyone will be
able to attend the meeting planned for Paris - that won't be a problem.
Most of the work we will do will be  done via email, with physical meetings
to augment it.  Thus,  participation and voting will be predominately via
email.  If you have suggestions for deliverables and other issues/areas you
would like this group to address, please let me know. 


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