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Subject: [controlled-trade] [CTML] Web Site Update

OASIS has created a web page for the new OASIS Controlled Trade TC; it's at

You'll note that it's a bit empty, so over time we shall want to fill in
sections as the TC starts operating and has information to publish. Take
a look at other TCs' pages to see what they've got.

There's two ways to do this:
- I (or someone else from the TC) can act as the TC's webmaster. OASIS will
set up FTP access so our webmaster can download this template, update
the info and upload to the server, and maintain the page using this same
method. Or,

- OASIS can simply send updates, new info, etc. to webmaster@oasis-open.org
and our staff webmaster will update the page for you.

We don't need to decide today, and we may want to wait until we get
the TC running and ask for volunteers. But in the meantime if we have
information that should be added to the page (esp. first meeting info)
please send it in so we can update the page.

Last, by way of protocol, would it be helpful to you if we were to prepend
mail headings with some distinguishing mark for easy organization? I have
made this note an example of such a flag. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks.



Todd Harbour                            571-276-2196 (Cell)
45245 Business Court              703-478-9881 (Talk)
Dulles, Virginia 20166              703-478-9883 (Fax)

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