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Subject: [controlled-trade] CTML Kickoff Meeting


The CTML Technical Committee is scheduled to hold its kickoff meeting at
1100 EST on June 21 2002. I would like to extend an invitation to the
broader community as part of this announcement to participate in this group.
Some of you might not have gotten word from OASIS regarding the formation of
the Controlled Trade Markup Language Technical Committee. I hope that you
will be able to join us. If you have questions concerning our work, do not
hesitate to contact me.

I would like to remind everyone to consult the rules for joining an OASIS
TC. There are several requirements that must be met to become official
members, and it is incumbent on each of us to satisfy those requirements.
Attending the kickoff meeting is an important step towards this end. You can
find specific information on the OASIS home page at

Regarding the content of the kickoff meeting, my initial thinking is that we
should coordinate an agenda with the existing members prior to the meeting
and post the final copy on the TC web site so that everyone can see what the
base topics will be. I'm hoping, too, that we can complete our first meeting
within an hour and a half, with action items for next steps. This may not be
possible however. We'll simply need to see how it goes.

If, in the meantime, anyone (existing members) has particular agenda items
that they would like included, feel free to drop me a note, and I'll make
sure that they are included. My contact information is at the bottom of this
note as well.

For this meeting, I have arranged a phone conference capability. The
following information is what you will need in order to join the meeting:

1. Dial the moderator's toll-free number
2. Enter the moderator's conference ID then #

Moderator: Todd Harbour
Conference ID: 4015049
Dial-in: 877-326-2337 (US)
Int'l Dial-in: 303-928-3232

Note: You will hear "hold" music for up to 10 minutes until the moderator
arrives. If after 10 minutes, the moderator hasn't joined, you will need to
dial in again.

Best Regards,


Todd Harbour                            571-276-2196 (Cell)
45245 Business Court              703-478-9881 (Talk)
Dulles, Virginia 20166              703-478-9883 (Fax)

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