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controlled-trade message

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Subject: [controlled-trade] Intellectual Property

As you probably noticed we had a bit of controversy last week over IP
related to OASIS TC work. In that context I'm sure that you'll agree
that we need better identification of the IP related to the technical
work that our TCs are pursuing.

The OASIS IPR Policy states that at the time contributions are made to OASIS
the contributor must disclose any IP encumbrances (patents, trademarks,
etc.) associated with that contribution, and promise (at least) RAND
licensing for any encumbrances. Furthermore, at the time the specification
is completed and advanced to OASIS members these encumbrances must be
identified to members so that they can make a decision, having full
knowledge, regarding approval of the spec.

In order to achieve full disclosure so that TC members and other OASIS
members may work with full knowledge, it is very important that all IP
encumbrances associated with the technical work of your TC be identified.
If you have contributions that may pose a problem, please contact me at your
earliest opportunity so that we can post any encumbrances. If anyone sends
me IP encumbrances, I'll post them on our web site for everyone to see.

The following are contributions of which I am aware; I suspect that there
are more. 

BTP TC: contributions from BEA, Choreology, HP
CIQ TC: contributions from MasterSoft, AND
DSML TC: contributions of DSML v1 from Access360, iPlanet,
Microsoft, Novell, Verisign
Election TC: contributions from election.com?
HumanMarkup TC: contributions from humanmarkup.org?
XLIFF TC: contributions of XLIFF v1 from Novell, Oracle, etc.
Provisioning TC: contributions of ITML, XRPM, ADpr
Rights TC: contributions of XRML from ContentGuard
RELAX NG TC: contributions of TREX, RELAX
SAML TC: contributions of AuthML, S2ML
UBL TC: contributions of xCBL from CommerceOne
WSIA, WSRP TC: contributions of WSXL, WSUI from IBM
XSLT Conf TC: contributions of test suites


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