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controlled-trade message

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Subject: [controlled-trade] Controlled Trade Markup Language & Customs Interface

Francois Vuilleumier, Chairman for ISO TC154, has officially requested that
CTML and ISO TC 154 establish some sort of (working) relationship. OASIS
already has a Class A Liaison relationship with TC154, so I don't think that
there is anything more formally that needs to be done to establish the
relationship. BUT we'll need to communicate with Francois to figure out what
overlaps exist, so as to avoid duplication of effort, and how best to work
together going forward.

I'll put this item on our agenda for the kickoff meeting and make sure that
we have a chance to discuss how we should proceed with this. Additionally, I
plan to be in Bern, Switzerland the first week of July, and I'll try and set
up a F2F with Francois.

Can anyone else think of anything else that needs to be done?


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