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Subject: [controlled-trade] CTML Kickoff Meeting [Correction]

Thanks to Glenn Golding and his attention to detail, he caught the fact that
I mentioned that we were meeting next week for our CTML kickoff meeting.
Well, I could not have been farther from being accurate. Just to remind
everyone (including myself), we are scheduled to meet via teleconference at
1100 EST on Friday the 21st.

I have taken this opportunity to share the proposed agenda items with you:

1. Opening Remarks (Todd Harbour/FGM)
2. OASIS Process (Karl Best/OASIS)
3. Scoping Deliverables (Glenn Golding/DTI)
4. Government-Industry Relations (Steve Saboe/State Department)
5. Interfacing with Other Organizations (Todd Harbour/FGM)
    - UBL (Jon Bosak/Sun Microsystems)
    - TC 154 (François Vuilleumier/ISO)
    - UN/EDIFACT D2 WG (Purchasing) (Option)

Once more, if anyone has any other agenda items, please send them on.

Thanks for your patience :-)


Todd Harbour                            571-276-2196 (Cell)
45245 Business Court              703-478-9881 (Talk)
Dulles, Virginia 20166              703-478-9883 (Fax)

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